Intercultural Project Management

Workshop Objectives

In today's globalized societies - both on international and national levels - "routine" projects have a high-level of communication that is intercultural in nature. Knowledge about the specific needs in intercultural project management and how people communicate professionally across cultural diversity is an absolutely "must".

In this workshop team leaders can learn Social Competence in Diverse Environments, Relationship-Building and Informal Cultural Exchange - all of which critically support the strategic and technical aspects of what has been traditionally labeled as 'Project Management'. Studies have found that only 30% of the problems in Intercultural Teams have been due to misunderstandings of the task at hand. 70% of the problems are due to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and conflict between team members.

What percentage of time does a Project Manager place on understanding differences in communication or mediating expectations in relationships, or learning about different cultures?

This workshop is unique as there is less down-time; project managers and team members will be able to work on 'real-life' tasks or problems at the same time while the intercultural consultant/trainer observes the team's process, shares analysis, highlights points of potential conflict, and discusses ways of solving communication misunderstandings.

In addition, there are Intercultural Training simulations, role-plays, exercises, and case studies which bring up issues both directly and indirectly (in a non-threatening way) so leaders can effectively understand team expectations and build team commitment.

Please contact:     Dr. Kirsten Jensen-Dämmrich; Telefon: 0171-744 27 18; E-Mail:

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